Toolkit For Network Weavers

Jun 18, 2019

Network Toolkit for Network Weavers


This toolkit was created by June Holley to provide a set of easy-to-implement activities that you can introduce to your network to help them increase the effectiveness of the network.

How to Use this toolkit

The first section outlines Three Action Steps, you can take to build a more effective network.

  1. Step 1: Expanding and Deepening Relationships
  2. Step 2: Building Network Leadership & Network Mindset
  3. Step 3: Setting up a Communication Ecosystem

The second section includes worksheets that describe 8 activities you can try in your network and help with taking the Three Action steps.

This simple Weaving toolkit is easy to implement and is free of charge

Download the Network Toolkit for Network Weavers here.


Where & how do you think the Network Toolkit for Network Weavers could be useful for your work?

How would you iterate on this tool to make it stronger for weavers?

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