Liberating Structures

Jun 11, 2019

Liberating Structures

  • Aligning communities and conversations
  • Collaboration Tool

Liberating Structures is a facilitation toolkit. Five conventional structures guide the way we organize routine interactions and how groups work together: presentations, managed discussions, open discussions, status reports and brainstorm sessions. Liberating Structures add 33 more options to the big five conventional approaches. With Liberating Structures anyone can change a meeting. Together they can liberate and transform an entire organization.


Liberating Structures
Simple Liberating Structure

All Liberating Structures are described in the same format.  Each includes:

  1. An icon and name plus a brief tag line that expresses its essential characteristic
  2. What is made possible: a paragraph that describes what you can expect to achieve when you use this LS
  3. Structural Elements - Min Specs
  4. Why? Purposes: a list of the kind of purposes that may incite you to use this particular LS
  5. Tips and Traps: Advice and do’s and don’ts that increase your chances of getting more value when you use this particular LS
  6. Riffs and variations: Examples of alternatives or embellishments for you to try and to imagine others
  7. Examples: a few actual applications to inspire you to think of opportunities that may exist in your context
  8. Collateral materials: visuals, slides, videos that may provide you with additional support when using this Liberating Structure.

The global LS community is on Slack! It’s a group open for everyone practicing Liberating Structures. Use to join & exchange with others. Highly recommended are the channels #strings and #wisecrowds to get & give help and #lsfieldstories

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