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Jun 04, 2019

Wise Workshop in Paris


On February 20th of 2019, some of our weavers came together to deliver a Weaver workshop at the Wise Event in Paris.

The workshop was called "Learning by Collaborating" and  gave insight into how to connect ideas, innovators, and resources in education, to have more impact.

The purpose of this workshop was to address the scale and complexity of transforming education systems and to improve the way we learn from each other, by collaborating on system-changing projects. In this workshop, around 50 participants, many of which with little prior  knowledge, explored new ways of leading collaborative ecosystemic change to empower every young person to live for the greater good.

The agenda of this event was packed with great activities, all focused on inviting people to co-create around research in education.

This workshop included embodied activities; for example getting the participants to imagine themselves based on a role on a name tag attached to their shirt, roles such as 'student' or 'teacher,' they then had to think of themselves as part of the system. 


There was a lot of generative discussion around key ideas and topics, with one of the purposes of the workshop being to enhance and utilize the collective intelligence of the group.

Ross Hall, Director of Ashoka's Education Strategy and member of Ashoka's Global Team, who participated and helped organize the event, described it as being really encouraging, as seeing so much engagement and insight from people with very different perspectives on education and learning.



"It's clear the idea of weaving learning ecosystems, environments, and experiences in which everyone is empowered to practice change making (to live for Universal Wellbeing) is resonating strongly." - Ross Hall



The key takeaway that Zineb picked up on from this workshop was - how to better include all these new people and get them involved in the mission?

This is the detailed agenda of the workshop.

How could you use this as inspiration for your own workshops? Do you have any questions for Zineb and the organizers of the workshop? Has this workshop sparked anything for you? 

Happy Participants of the workshop enjoying an evening together




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