When Small teams Are Better Than Big Ones

Jun 03, 2019

Why small teams are better than big ones

Weavers are continually learning new ways in which we can improve and better ourselves in this field of work. This article in Harvard Business Review by Dashun Wang & James A. Evans, looks into how large and small teams differ by type of innovation.


"whereas large teams tended to develop and further existing ideas and designs, their smaller counterparts tended to disrupt current ways of thinking with new ideas, inventions, and opportunities."

"large teams excel at solving problems, but it is small teams that are more likely to come up with new problems for their more sizable counterparts to solve."

"while small teams can drive disruption and innovation, larger teams can pick up the ball and engage in greater development of a given area, as part of a virtuous cycle."

"Figuring out the right team size for the job may be the first question for tomorrow’s leaders to answer to unlock the potential of their enterprises."


What are your thoughts? Do you have any personal experiences that support this?

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