READY Bern Module 2018

Jan 08, 2019

Our final module in Bern 2018

This module was the last in a series of 3 official modules (Lyon, Maastricht and Bern) that formed our first weaving learning journey. Each module lasted 3-5 days and consisted of a variety of sessions and toolkits aimed at;  accelerating ecosystemic projects focused on education & young people, improving weaving abilities; advancing the discipline of weaving. As a result of the learning journey, for weavers attending all modules

  • 78% accelerated their project
  • 84% became a better weaver, and of those who attended all 3 modules
  • 94% advanced the discipline of weaving
  • The most valuable aspect of this journey were the sessions that allowed weavers to access & co-create new forms of knowledge, through crowdsourcing. 
  • The most valuable session was "Community Circle: Privilege" gifted to us by Luzette and Vishal. This session was emotional for everyone who participated, 88% strongly recommend it.

 Click here for feedback & statistics from the module

How have your projects accelerated since? What connections could be valuable? 


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